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About Us and Our Cause 

Art has always been our passion. But then we like so many other people on social media started seeing the horrific treatment of these poor animals, kept seeing the torture, the vile cruelty. We just could NOT take it anymore. That is why I went Vegan. 


Being Vegan is not just about just the animals, it's about the well being of our planet.  Climate change is real.  We all need to do our part.  There is NO PLANET B.   


We now have made it our goal and focus to take our art to make a Voice for them.   


Love, Austin 


Accomplishing good deeds every day is our heroic duty. 

As well as ending the cruelty towards our companions the animal race.  We are  empowered by science, capable of changing our bad habits, found to be self destructive. 


To create a world built on intelligence and moral compassion  

Love,  Slate   

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